Some things are so timeless they almost fade into the background.

Good bourbon. A nice suit. High cheekbones and long blond hair.

Rock ‘n roll music played loud and fast and fun.


Max Cady is a rock band named after Robert DeNiro’s character in the movie Cape Fear. One of it’s members hail from Dallas, one from KC, one from DC and one from Chicago. All of them share a common goal: to remind you why you started listening to rock n roll in the first place.

Influenced by every quality hard rock band that has come before them, Max Cady has shared the stage with the Toadies, Andrew W.K. and Fu Manchu. Like those bands, Max Cady specializes in straight-ahead, riff-based rock music that’ll do exactly what a good song should do: take you out of this time and place and transport you to another one.

Max Cady’s first album, Tonight Alive, was released by Sidearm Records in 2005. The follow-up, Gun Crime, hit in 2007.

Max Cady’s most recent album, Wicked Ways, prompted Stephen Haag of Popmatters to write, “From the opening stomp of the title track to Sabbath-y centerpiece “Jimmy Swagger,” and the strutting “Bloody Fists,” there’s nothing here you haven’t blasted from your T-Bird while doing donuts in the high school parking lot, but it’s done it well…In a world that’s largely turned its back on this style of hard rock, the group’s commitment to The Riff is admirable.”


In life, there are some things so familiar that we almost forget about them – things we need to be shown, almost for the first time.

Max Cady will do that to you. Will make you remember why you fell in love with the electric guitar.

Will make you ask why you don’t go to rock n roll shows more often.

Will make you say YES to the question once asked by the character they’re named after:

“You ready to be born again?”

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